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Why should we use Owrang Enterprise Resource Management System for our organization?

Owrang’s Enterprise Resource Management Platform reduces the working hours of employees and increases their efficiency. Employees can use this opportunity to train, improve processes and improve their health. In addition, about 80% of the company’s fixed costs are reduced compared to the case of not using any enterprise resource mnagement. We can assure that all the costs of the system will be returned up to one year after installation by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

How is this Enterprise Resource Management System set up in our organization?

Immediately after the final approval of the purchase of the system, the installation team and our IT engineers will start the installation work. Usually, the initial installation is finished after 7 to 14 working days. Immediately after that, the training team will start training different departments of your company depending on the module used and the requirements of that department. If there is a need for installation in the company’s systems, hardware provision, network setup and data entry are the responsibility of the customer’s company, and we can also provide these services upon request.

What is the post-launch support like?

The support teams are at your service online or by phone every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. In case of reporting software problems, depending on the type of problem, it can take 2-3 hours or more. If needed, training can also be done with prior reservation.

Is this a ready product or does the company produce it for us?

The cloud-based service for small and medium-sized companies can be used immediately after purchase and does not require any other tools or preparation. The private service that is installed on the company’s servers needs to be installed and set up on your servers and is customized for you according to your needs, which definitely requires its own time and equipment.

What happens with the passage of time and the aging of the software?

Our enterprise resource management system is developed and produced based on Auvith’s rapid development platform. Over time, newer versions are produced with more and better features and removal of previous software issues. The cloud-based service is always based on the latest version, but the private service that is installed on the company’s servers must be updated separately and in coordination between us and you.

If we don't need all the system modules, can we request the modules we want separately? So is it possible to add other modules in the future?

Yes and yes. One of the biggest strengths of our system is its modular structure. Your organization can choose the entire set of Enterprise Resource Management System with all its components and features or choose only the parts you want and use them. As the organization expands and its needs increase, new modules can be purchased and installed without interfering with previous data or modules.

In what formats can I receive reports? Are Word, Excel and PDF formats supported?
Yes, all these formats are supported. The system is very flexible and can provide its reports in the following formats:
Doc, docx, xml, xls, xlsx, pdf, csv
How secure is the data in this system?

We give you 100% assurance about the security of your data. Data is encrypted in this system. In addition, depending on the type of setup, the data will either be on your personal server under your full control, or it will be secured in the cloud system by cloud encryption mechanisms. In addition, the system administrator has the ability to fully control the access of users to specific branch or module information, which prevents unauthorized internal access and leakage of sensitive information.